77 Kids Do Good Day!

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in Do Good Day for American Eagle's new 77Kids store openings. Me and several other awesome Connecticut and New York bloggers, Alison of Being Alison and Casey of A Couch with a View and Mary the Mommyologist, traveled to Danbury CT to do some good in the community.

The spirit of the event was to reach out the community and enable them to do good for others. To that end, American Eagle thoughtfully provided some fantastic kits for us including prizes, stickers, coupons and 77 $1 bills to hand out. With our dollar bills we clipped 7 ideas for ways people could do good with their money.

We also had a blast providing free prizes, games and toys to everyone we ran in to. After all, families can always use an extra set of markers or pencils with the school year approaching. It was a really fun day doing good for others. I can't wait for their new 77Kids stores to open so I can hit them up for my daughter's new school clothes!

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